Sanna Nielsen - Undo (Sweden Eurovision 2014) [x]


Seriously impressed with the stage for Eurovision 2014. Absolutely incredible.

Sooooo coooooool!


Haha! ūüėč

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But first, LET ME TAKE A SELFIE!!!

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Day 8: Best slogan / logo! 

Eurovision 2012’s tagline reflects the country! and the loge reflects the tagline! :)

Day 7: The best presenter or presenters!

Anke Engelke, one of 2011’s presenters! love her, she’s crazy!¬†

ESC 13 VS ESC 14!

Albania 0-1

Armenia 0-1

Austria 1-0

Azerbaijan 1-0

Belarus 1-0

Belgium 0-1

Denmark 0-1

Estonia 0-1

F.Y.R. Macedonia 0-1

Finland 1-0

France 0-1

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Day 6: The worst song! 

Slovakia 2009!

The Kardashians of Eurovision~‚ô°

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The technical rehearsals are well under way in Copenhagen in advance of the delegations arriving. These are usually done using stand-ins, singing live and reproducing the vision detailed by each country. It allows the crew to test out lighting and camera angles well in advance of a delegation stepping foot on stage. From the videos doing the rounds, the staging looks very impressive. It is massive. So far there is LOTS of blue, but I’m sure we’ll see some colour changes as more videos leak out. Above are Poland and Norway.